Peter Pan Syndrom

Look at the boy. Look at the scenery. Do you see pain in his world? Does it look like he has a care  in world? What is he searching for? I envy him. I want to be him. Some times you think you can tell what's going on with someone generally by their demeanor; either … Continue reading Peter Pan Syndrom


Kids Now Days Will Never Know About…

O. Walker’s O2 Turnt Productions

O2 Turnt productions as a brand exists to create beautiful cutting edge projects for your media needs. I take every project personal as if it was my own. I produce epic content with outside the box creativity; give me your project and I'll turn it into a masterpiece. I am constantly learning more techniques to perfect … Continue reading O. Walker’s O2 Turnt Productions

The Aspiration Of A Bull

Not only am I a Taurus; I use the bull as a symbolic metaphor to drive my life and introduce a new wave of media by a highly motivated outside the box creative thinker. Prepared to use my strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail and creativity where needed. A former coding and verification specialist; but … Continue reading The Aspiration Of A Bull

Health care in Japan

The great country of America could be like Japan with it's healthcare plan if the Congress did their jobs instead of taking bribes from the healthcare industry. 100% of Japanese have health insurance. Costs are significantly half of what we spend in the U.S. The people choose their own doctors and also see their doctors twice … Continue reading Health care in Japan

The Fifth Dimension of consciousness

Have you ever wondered? When you say something to yourself you can hear it. Now the question that needs to be asked is; What voice was that? You just said something to and heard it without moving your mouth nor was there a vibration in the air of sound happening. Yet alone if you close … Continue reading The Fifth Dimension of consciousness